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As well as working directly with families and children, The Shuteye Sleep Clinic provides training to professionals working in a range of roles

Find out how we can share our knowledge and up skill your team to deliver first class sleep advice and support service.

Our Experience

We have already worked with NHS and children’s centre’s staff to up skill existing staff on sleep issues including common sleep issues,  we have worked with Family Support Workers and Health Visitors and Community Health Workers in our tried and tested methods and also provide bespoke training to sectors including private childcare. We have worked with nannies, child minders, maternity nurses enabling them to have the specialist skills and knowledge to work with children around sleep. We also work with children with special needs, such as autism or ADHD and can provide training in these fields in one-day or multi-day packages.

Sleep Workshop For Professionals – £175

Our full day workshops are for small groups of 20 – 30 people. You’ll look at sleep in all its forms; the mystery of sleep and its impact on health. We will discuss sleep cycles and circadian rhythms and look into the sleep hormone melatonin. Our trained professionals will discuss sleep disorders and sleep association, multiple waking in the night, bedtime routines, and sleep methods including gradual retreating and the negative impacts on the child when using controlled crying. The second half of the day will be examining and discussing case studies including early risers, late sleepers, rewards, night terrors, nightmares and food that affect sleep.


Devon Sleep Parenting Program

This course is designed for professionals working directly with families. It is delivered over a 4 week course . The course is designed to up skill professionals with the latest evidence based material and information providing with the skills necessary to implement their sleep service using the course material and information gained. Course material provide and initial ongoing support provided when implementing your sleep service.


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