You are only a few baby steps away from a restful night's sleep.



If you need some help and guidance, then get in touch. Once we have received your enquiry, we’ll contact you to arrange a time for your consultation with one of our sleep practitioners. Then just complete our booking form online for the sleep package that works best for you and your family.

Our process

Payment will be required in full before the first consultation begins. This can be completed through a BACS payment or cheque

Following this we’ll send out a questionnaire. This is to provide us with information and assist your personal sleep practitioner with identifying your individual sleep issues. This will need to be returned to us at least 24 hours prior to your consultation.


We’ll send you a sleep diary to be completed – don’t worry, it’s not a test! Just a simple way of helping us to help you!

Your child’s personal sleep plan will be agreed upon in consultation with you and then given to you after the consultation. But we’ll stick with you to make sure that you are still supported weekly via telephone, Skype or in person for 4 weeks. You are not alone!

Our Packages

Sleep Consultation


  • Two hour package includes a one hour consultation with your sleep practitioner face to face or via telephone or Skype.
  • Pre consultation questionnaire and sleep diaries sent. Individualised sleep plan written after analysis of information tailored to you and your child's needs.
  • Face to face consultation can be provided on request. Additional fee may apply.

Sleep Package


  • Pre consultation questionnaire and diary sent to you. Phone/ Skype or face-to-face consultation. Consultation will be up to an hour.
  • Individualised sleep program for you and your child.
  • An analysis of sleep questionnaire and consultation. A clear and concise written plan tailored to you and and your child's needs. Plan given on a weekly basis for the total of 4 weeks.
  • A review consultation by phone or face-to-face to assess progress and implement the next stages. To receive written plan.
  • Regular email support throughout your package, between you and your sleep practitioner. Weekly consultation face- face or via telephone. Weekly review of sleep plan.
  • Face to face consultation can be provided on request. Additional fee may apply.
  • Additional telephone support between 10pm - 6am can be provided on request

Group Workshop
Two Hour Seminar


  • For parents and carers or parents to be, who want to learn more about sleep and how it all works.
  • Multiple issues will be discussed including sleep cycles, sleep associations, multiple wakings, multiple feeding throughout the night,night terrors, nightmares. Happy bedtime routine.
  • Discuss the issues important to you.
  • Discuss sleep and the impact on a child's cognitive and behaviour. We will give you practical strategies to take with you and implement them at home.
  • Price is dependant on size and location of venue.

Full Sleep Package

Our Full Package for Babies and Children. Our Golden Sleep Package offers an individualised sleep plan, focused on your child’s individual needs. It provides support from one of our sleep consultants , who would be your individual sleep practitioner over  four weeks with tailored sessions and daily support via emails.  They would work with you to identify the sleep issues and provide a program that will enable you to a restful sleep.


Group Work Shop

Our 2 hour workshops are designed for parents, parents to be and carers who want to learn more about children’s sleep. You will be given the opportunity to discuss issues you would like to raise. Issues discussed include sleep cycles, sleep associations, multiple waking in the night, night terrors, nightmares, early riser, feeding and sleeping.



Single Sleep Package

This package is for parents who require a personalised single consultation. This would be a two hour session which includes a one-hour consultation with your sleep practitioner. The Silver Sleep Time Consultation provides you with detailed sleep support. If babies are less than six months old, we provide you with additional information that is age appropriate, as not all babies aged less than six months old are expected to sleep through the night. This contact will provide you with a consultation with a sleep practitioner, giving you the opportunity to discuss how to encourage sleep. It will enable you to discuss sleeping patterns and their development. It will provide advice and support to help you and your child sleep.



Infant Massage

We offer group or individual infant massage course. Infant massage can enhance the unique and precious relationship that unfolds between parents and their baby in the early months following birth.
Paula provides a course over five weeks with weekly 1 hour sessions. Cost of the course is £50 per person.
Additional fees may apply depending on numbers and location.


The Results

Trying desperately to get some sleep, but can’t quite get the bed time sorted. Fear not the our sleep expert Jeanette is here to help with some quick tips on the elusive Bedtime Routine!

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